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The Manufacturing Industry has been slow to adopt new customer-facing technology because long-time customers use phone, fax, e-mail as ordering methods.
That’s why Digital Leaders use modern customer-facing technology for providing automatic deliveries to decrease stock outs , order time and order costs.


Who will lead your B2B ecommerce transformation? Get access to essential strategic content, in-depth reports, industry intelligence, and exclusive data. The manufacturing industry has been slow to adopt new customer-facing technologies. Phone, fax, and email ordering have served manufacturers well for years, and longtime customers are familiar with these ordering methods. However, with the business-to-business ecommerce market hitting $1 trillion a year early, the shift to digital is accelerating. It’s tempting to task an existing business department or silo with responsibility for ecommerce success. Typically, we see web shop ownership assigned to IT or the marketing department.


Facebook, Twitter, Google+,Linkedin can be effective channels to establish global branding and business authority globally.
That’s why digital leaders create B2B ecommerce portals that higlight the business offerings by increasing the number of product solution pages on their sites and the number of pages accessible to search engines. This strategy increases the number of visitors to their site and drives the convertion of visitors into clients rapidly.


Using B2B Ecommerce to Boost Global Reach Facebook Twitter Google+ RSS An obvious benefit of B2B ecommerce is selling more product, but it can also be an effective way to boost SEO and global branding. Creating a B2B ecommerce portal highlighting the breadth and depth your products and services increases the number of overall web pages on your site and thus the number of pages accessible to search engines, notes Rilind Elezaj in an article for Multichannel Merchant. Those pages represent future business opportunities as well as sales. Another added benefit is improved transaction history management for both suppliers and customers, he notes. Customized portals can offer customers easy access to their browsing history, as well as transactions, shipping and tracking data. For B2B marketers, an ecommerce system can enable an easy view into what inventory is on hand and the number of orders coming in.


Lanzess AG, a chemical manufacturer with annual sales of about $11 billion, has rolled out CheMondis as an internation B2B marketplace.
That’s why digital leader create marketplaces to connect buyers and sellers either to sell products or provide connections between organizations with research, business, application problems to solve and researchers, business experts and application engineers from around the world who are eager to solve challenging problems on-demand rapidly.


A chemical maker formulates a global marketplace Get access to essential strategic content, in-depth reports, industry intelligence, and exclusive data. A major international manufacturer of specialty chemicals figures there is an ecommerce void in the chemicals industry. Lanxess AG, a chemicals manufacturer with annual sales of about $11.1 billion, has rolled out CheMondis as an international B2B marketplace. Sebastian Brenner, managing director, CheMondis Lanxess, based in Cologne, Germany, developed the online marketplace for buyers and sellers of such chemical products as acids, agrochemicals, bio-based materials, pigments, solvents and purification agents. So far, about 200 companies have registered to use the marketplace, although Lanxess didn’t breakout the individual company names or how many are buyers vs.Commerce in grocery shopping has reached 15 percent, CNBC reported.

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