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The One-Hour Supply Chain Leader – Watch our New Strategy Broadcast on Driving Supply Chain Leadership [Industrial Gases]

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Today we’ll learn how to thrive supply chain leadership rapidly

One of the biggest challenges for industrial gas companies is to escape from the zero-sum game of sellers who want to increase price while the purchasers want to decrease the price.
One of the best strategies to escape this dilemma is the supply chain leadership strategy.

Today, we’ll discuss this strategy in our short strategy video. Let’s get started!

The Supply Chain Leader Thrives Supply Chain Leadership. Either the Seller or the Buyer can take on the supply chain leadership role.

His goal is to change the zero-sum price game to a strategic partnership with selected primary partners to optimize the total cost of ownership of the entire industrial gas supply chain.

Our business model helps to thrive the current buyer: seller relationships into strategic partnerships with most innovative strategic partners rapidly.

Next, you’ll create a strategy map that describes the offering of the current low-cost supplier versus the new business offer from a supply chain leader.

The most important change is in providing value to stakeholders.

The Low-Cost Supplier Offers Lowest Cost of Supply and Quality and Security

The Low-Cost Supplier offers the lowest cost of supply driven by shareholder value. His goal is to achieve the lowest cost of supply

The Supply Chain Leader establishes strategic partnerships with his most innovative stakeholders to thrive stakeholder value. Both partners aim at generating the highest cash-flow of the supply chain which will be shared equally.

In the current supply: customer relationships, the buyer wants to minimize the purchase costs while the seller wants to maximize its sales. This often ends in a zero-sum game.

Many industrial gas end-users start thriving the process by requesting the lowest cost of supply offers from their suppliers. That’s why the best industrial gas suppliers offer the automatic supply of industrial gases to minimize the personal costs for ordering and decreasing the risk of stockouts for the customers.

This approach minimizes the operation costs and increases the safety of supply.

The Supply Chain Leader Offers Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

To optimize the total cost of ownership of the entire industrial gas supply chain needs a new approach to making business.

The goal is to thrive leadership by joining forces with other leaders in the sector.

RapidKnowHow offers a specific strategy program.

The goal of both partners is to thrive the market value by maximizing the cash-flow.

The strategic opportunity for companies is to build and grow a global stakeholder network by using the power of Linkedin and adopting a Referral Strategy.

Get Started

Today we’ve learned how to thrive supply chain leadership rapidly. Now it’s your turn! I wish you all the success!