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The Rapid Starter: 5 Steps to Change from a Management Executive to a Business Consultant Successfully

So you are a management executive who just retired or you want to change the path of your career?

Your goal is to become an independent entrepreneur who works for targeted clients locally or globally.

Many Management Executives underestimate the big change from being the boss to becoming a service provider. As I did!

Here is my advice that saves you many months of your precious time.

You need to follow these 5 steps :

  • Set Your Business Goal
  • Create Your Value Proposition
  • Design Your Business Model
  • Craft Your Business Plan
  • Outline Your Start-up Plan

5 Steps to Change from a Management Executive to a Business Consultant Successfully

Step 1: Set Your Business Goal

If you can describe where you are going, you are more likely to get there.

Your business goal as a service provider will be to solve a challenging problem you know exists and you’re an expert in solving it.

Set your specific goal: I’ll start my consultancy business by the end of January , win my first client by the end of February and generate my first income by the end of March. 

Step 2: Create Your Value Proposition – Business Case: The Business Transformation Entrepreneur

As a business transformation expert, you help target clients to transfer their current business model into a digital leadership model rapidly and sustainably.

You’ll also demonstrate the advantage versus the competing value propositions from other business transformation entrepreneurs in your sector.

Outline your value proposition by demonstrating what’s your business offer, how it helps your clients and how it creates value versus competing offerings.


Step 3: Design Your Business Model

The Business Model describes how your value proposition creates, delivers and captures value.

Your business model is the heart of your offer. It demonstrates how to create, deliver and capture value.

You’ll demonstrate how you create, deliver and capture value from your business transformation model.

Step 4: Craft Your Business Plan

The Business Plan turns your business model into reduced costs, increased sales, new business or other objectives rapidly.

You need a rapid plan to turn your business model in consulting income.

That’s Why RapidKnowHow created the Rapid Selling – Selling Consulting Services Rapidly

Step 5: Outline Your Start-up Plan

This is the moment where you get started.

You start your business plan within one week to achieve your objective.

Apply the model from step 4 to turn your goal into income quickly.

Getting Started

This simple 5 step process turns your business goal into a successful start-up in less than one week. – To Your Success, Josef

Take rapid steps to implement the five steps to see how the model works for you

It’s important to treat the solution as if it’s on trial until it proves itself.
The most important part of this stage is to learn what works, why it works and how it works for YOU.

To Your Success, Josef