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You want to shape your own life! Don’t You?

Your ultimate life goal is probably to remain autonomous.
You also want to be less exposed to volatile income cycles.

That’s why I created this short post to help you in achieving this goal.


Strategy Adviser

Advisers provide strategic options to company owners and board members.
A business adviser analyzes a company’s business vision, mission, goal, the business strategy, and financial statements to properly advise owners and board members about business strategies and potential business opportunities.
The CEO of a corporation, seeking to improve his Return on Capital Employed, improve Total Cost of Ownership of the entire supply chain and taking on the Supply Chain Leadership role in his sector, hires us to advise him on managing the change process.

Business Coach

Business Coaches help service providers and executives to solve urgent business problems rapidly and sustainably.
A business coach works in solving urgent business problems rapidly and defining future goals, objectives and the direction of the business.

The business coach gives encouragement in a non-judgemental manner about business decisions and assumes his significant role as “sparring partner” for you.
One on one coaching pays well and can be effective, but it has its limitations. With 40 hours in a week, there is only so much one-on-one coaching we can do.

Management Consultant & Strategy Consultant

Management Consultants provide practical management solutions to specific problems.
Strategy Consultants offer medium-term and long-term strategic business options.

Management consultants help organizations to solve issues, create value, maximize growth and improve business performance.
Your role is to identify options for the organization and suggest recommendations for change, as well as provide proven solutions to increase operating profit and return on capital employed.

Strategy consultants provide company owners with advice on the driving forces of the businesses, future goals and direction so that they can plan effective strategies for sustained growth.


Infopreneurs are creating and selling how-to info products (e-books, e-courses, apps, audios, software, business cases, reports, programs or other how-to content)
Much of the information disseminated through consulting can be packaged and sold as ” information products”.
So there is an opportunity for us to package part of our expertise as information products.
Becoming a producer and marketer of information frees us from the limitations of rendering services on an hourly basis only.

Having a series of digital products in the $/€ 100 to 1.000 range enables you to package and sell expertise to clients who cannot afford or do not want custom one-to-one consultation, further expanding your revenues.

Interim Manager

Interim Manager fills a temporary management gap. Interim management is a short-term assignment ( one month to six months) of an expert to manage a transition project within an organization.

Interim Management is the least attractive role on the list.

As the entrepreneur, you’ll avoid being misused by middlemen such as HR consultants who earn the most significant share of the income while you must handle all the negative driving forces ( low qualified managers, high staff turnover, cost-cutting measures etc.)
Think twice before entering in interim management agreements. It’s the lowest margin model because you have to pay your travel costs, rent, hotel etc.

Executive Manager

Managers manage operations efficiently.
A manager leads functions, departments or a group of employees.
He is responsible for getting the best out of those employees who directly report to him. He always aims at customer – and employee satisfaction.

Managers will become more and more obsolete in the information age. So you’ll be exposed to restructuring and down-sizing measures sooner than later.

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