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Today we’ll learn how to generate multiple cash flow streams from our own digital assets rapidly

Thank You for accessing the strategy broadcast for creating and monetizing digital assets rapidly.
This strategy guide helps you generate cash-flow from multiple income sources rapidly and sustainably.

Take five minutes to watch the strategy guide and get started to implement the action-oriented strategies.

If you want to create, deliver and capture value in the digital age, you can create virtual assets that will make you generate multiple cash-flows rapidly.
That’s why you may use one or more of the seven strategies we will discuss now. Let’s Get Started!

If you want to generate multiple cash-flow streams rapidly then you need a proven business model that fulfills your goal effectively.

The business model to generate cash-flow rapidly in three steps:

First, you create your virtual asset, then you define your business offering and how you deliver value to your target clients. Third, you’ll highlight how you generate income from your business offering. We’ll use this business model for crafting our seven strategies:

Strategy One: Operating Authority Blog

Your goal is to build your expertise globally across company borders, then you should establish and run an authority blog.

Creating an authority website run by your application engineers who provide how-to solutions by using written, audio and video demonstrations.

You will capture value from building your authority globally and generating affiliating income from partners who offer complementary products and tools which your application engineer uses every day.

Strategy Two: Operating Magazine App

Your goal is to sell your expertise to your target clients regularly, then you may establish and run a magazine app

Creating a magazine app run by a publisher from your marketing department who creates and runs the magazine app that drives readers globally.

You will capture value from selling your magazine app via Amazon, Apple iOS , Google Play.
The most effective revenue model is to generate recurring income from subscribers.

Strategy Three: Create and Sell Online Courses

Your goal is to sell your expertise to your target clients, then you should solve problems step-by-step.

You’ll create how-to online courses sold by an online marketer via your self-hosted web-shop and selected marketplaces like Udemy, Amazon Video Direct.

You will capture value from providing a streaming platform where the customers pay for guaranteed lifetime access to the course which is the Udemy model.

Strategy Four: Create and Sell How-to Action Guides & Videos

Some clients prefer reading action guides, then you should offer how to action guides that demonstrate how to turn the goal into results step-by-step.

An online marketer makes sure to involve your application engineers in creating the guides and promoting them to your existing, former and prospective customers.

You will capture value from selling your action guides as a package with your demonstration videos via your web-shop on your website.

Strategy Five: Build and Manage The Connector Marketplace

Companies seeking insight from external experts such as researchers, application engineers incur substantial costs when trying to attract them to solve their urgent problem.

You’ll build and run a digital platform that provides connections between organizations with research, application or business problems to solve and experts from around the world who are eager to solve challenging problems on demand..

You will generate payments from the seekers those companies seeking solutions. They’ll pay an advisory fee.
The platform charges 10%-30% while the rest goes to the expert.

Strategy Six: Create and Sell Digital Products

One of the most effective ways to generate income is from digital products such as checklists, dashboards, e-books etc.

You’ll create and sell your digital products via your own web-shop and third-party marketplaces.

You will generate incomes from clients who prefer self-learning, practical tools for implementing their strategies effectively.

Strategy Seven: Build and Manage  eCommerce Shop

You may build and run your own eCommerce platform for selling your products online to your retail clients.

You’ll create and sell your products like welding equipment, safety equipment, and related training products etc. via your own eCommerce Channel.

You will generate income from those clients who want to buy high-quality tools from a trusted producer who delivers them to their premises within short notice.


Get Started

Today we’ve learned how to generate cash flow from your own digital assets.
Now it’s Your Turn. I wish You All Success.