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In this series, you’ll get simple business models to create, deliver and capture value in the industrial gas sector and thereby driving leadership rapidly and sustainably. Stay tuned!

How to Launch Digital Services in 3 Steps

If you want to become the digital industrial gas leader, then you need to launch digital services rapidly.
That’s why we created this business model to help you succeed.

Launching Digital Services in 3 Steps

  1. Create a Branded Business Offer
    First, your digital product management will create a branded business offer that allows your loyal clients to solve a challenging problem rapidly.

    One of the biggest challenges in the industrial gas industry is to secure an accurate industrial gas supply on time at the lowest possible total cost of ownership.

    Automatic deliveries are the primary services to create, deliver and capture value.

  2. Test Business Offer with Loyal Clients
    Next; you’ll test your prototype with loyal clients.
    Loyal clients are customers where you provide the complete business offer on your target markets for at least ten years.  You’ll create a simple working group with people from sales, procurement, and operations. The group will test the business offer and validate the result on one crucial primary business process and performance indicator: Order Fulfillment.
  3. Establish Strategic Partnerships Rapidly
    Lastly; the working group will present the result to the digital champion. She will approve the business offer, and you’ll sign an exclusive strategic partnership agreement.
    One significant action is to communicate the new strategic partnership agreement to your stakeholders.

Today, we’ve learned how to become the digital leader by launching digital services successfully.

The Digital Strategies That Work