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BCG ranking of the 50 most innovative companies: Google ranks first for the first time

Alphabet replaces Apple as the most innovative company after twelve years // More German companies in the list of the 50 most innovative companies than ever before – Adidas among them at the top in tenth place

Austrian companies have some catching up to do – industrial database as an opportunity for the use of advanced technologies “The companies represented in the ranking are characterized by the fact that they think beyond pure product innovation. You have an eye on all customer interfaces and develop innovative services for your product, create new processes and build partner ecosystems where necessary, ”says BCG Austria boss Lukas Haider.

The fact that so many German representatives are among the top 50 confirms the trend of recent years. “German companies have recognized how they can properly use the data from their devices, machines and systems installed around the world in order not only to keep pace with the international competition but even to catch up,” says Haider. “The data are the basis for the further development of the business models.” Partnerships in digital ecosystems ensure a competitive advantage Overall, the digital corporations from the USA make up the top positions in the ranking. Other American tech companies follow Alphabet, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft. Leading companies are increasingly relying on partnerships. Three out of four of these companies work in the innovation process with incubators, while more than four-fifths use partnerships with science and other companies. “In the digital age, innovation arises more and more often through external cooperation,” explains Haider. “The pioneers enter into sustainable partnerships and create platforms in which customers benefit from a combination of different skills and positions – and receive real added value.”

Top 50 Most Innovative Companies