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If you want to become a leader in the digital age, then you need to master critical and analytical thinking like a PRO

Below you’ll find the leadership process at your convenience.

What is Critical and Analytical Thinking

Critical Thinking is to maintain an objective position by weighing up all sides of an argument, testing the logic and soundness of claims made, as well as the soundness of the evidence used to support the claims.

Analytical Thinking is the process used when carrying out critical analysis. A critical analysis examines ideas and evaluates them in terms of what you already know and makes decisions about their merit. Then we must be able to synthesize different perspectives (whether from other people or literature) to justify or challenge what I’ve found in my own or other’s people practice.
It may be kinds of literature, handbooks, systems, business models, action guides, video interviews, etc. that provide confirmation or falsification of our initial statement.

Critical Thinking is not:

  • Restating a claim that has been made
  • Describing an event
  • Challenging peoples’ worth as you engage with their work, however challenging their attitudes and approaches!
  • Criticizing someone or what they do (which is made from a personal judgemental position)

Critical Thinking and Critical Analysis is objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgement.