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Selling The Family Silver

The Austrian politicians are currently preparing the ground for foreign investors who want to acquire the Austrian family silver in industry and research and development for a bargain price. Ex-politicians as lobbyists will earn a golden Covid nose.

In order to protect the family silver, those responsible must make a list of those assets that are family silver and therefore cannot be sold.

Destroying Small Business

Austria’s government is pursuing neoliberal policies by steering wealth from the bottom up. In the Covid pandemic, thousands of small business owners were relegated to supplicants who now have to live on the bread of grace or have lost their existence.

Austria needs a small business policy for SMEs in order to rebuild an innovative branch of the economy in the medium and long term.

Disastrous Leadership

Complex problems such as pandemics, environmental disasters, need complex solutions and leaders who can develop and control these complex solutions. No PR politicians who have neither personal nor professional qualifications. They cause immense collateral damage

Austria needs a national strategy on how it will select and train its political leadership talents in the future.

Divide and Rule The Society

The Austrian rulers pursue the divide and rule strategy so that they can gain total power over the population and thus control it as they want. That is why they split society into vaccinated and unvaccinated people. A perfidious strategy that causes immense damage.

Politicians should never use situations like pandemics to create an alleged political advantage for their party. Such politicians must be replaced immediately.

Technocratic View on Society

The Austrian rulers made the fundamental mistake in the Covid pandemic that they did not see society as a living organism, but as a technocratic system that you can influence as you like. This has caused immense collateral damage that will negatively affect generations.

Technocratic leaders see people as a means to an end to achieve their goals.
Humanist leaders see people as partners in order to achieve the goals together.

Establishing Real Dictatorship

Austria’s rulers have used the pandemic to introduce the real dictatorship. The people are subjects called “Untertanen” and are not capable of democracy. Austria is not recommended for people who want to live independently, freely in an open society.

The Austrian government has overturned the democratic constitution to introduce a real dictatorship. That destroyed trust with large parts of the population. In order to regain confidence, the dictatorial politicians must be replaced by democratic politicians.