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Today, we’ll demonstrate how the government uses the Covid Pandemic as a trojan horse to move from democracy to the digital gulag.

Hello Democrats!

Today, we’ll design a political system demonstrating how to move from democracy to dictatorship

First and foremost, the government determines its objective: We want to get 80% of the population vaccinated by using forced measures by end of 21

Next, the government crafts its strategy. They will apply the three-step strategy: 1. Establish Message Control by managing the key media by spending taxpayer fundings 2. Get Population to obey by using forced measures as isolation, destroy the livelihood and lockdowns 3. Get population do what we want them to do by implementing wearing masks, lockdown, get vaccinated, split society, impose temporary shortages, establish the digital gulag.

Finally, the government campaign team implements the three-step strategy by using a targeted campaign.
So, today, we’ve demonstrated how the government in Austria is using the Covid Pandemic to establish the Digital Gulag