The 1-Hour Sustainability Leader – Top 3 Foundation Strategies to Thrive Sustainability Leadership

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Today, we’ll learn the top 3 foundation strategies to thrive sustainability leadership

How to Start Your Sustainability Leadership Journey Successfully

The top three foundation strategies to thrive sustainability leadership:

1.Top Management Commitment

2.Choosing Sustainability Leadership

3.Establishing Your Sustainability Program

Strategy #1: Top Management Commitment

First , top management demonstrates strong commitment to sustainability by developing and communicating a sustainability leadership vision and strategy

Strategy #2: Choosing Your Sustainability Leadership Talents

Next, , top management appoints a sustainability champion who validates and chooses sustainability leadership talents

Strategy #3: Establishing Your Sustainability Program

Finally, the selected sustainability program leaders appoint their sustainability program teams and create a quick win sustainability program, within one month

Today, we learned the top 3 foundation strategies to thrive sustainability leadership. To Your Success!