The 1-Hour Transformation Leader – Moving from A to B in 5 Steps Using RapidKnowHow


If you want to transform your current business challenges into a new leadership position, then you need a simple step-by-step process to succeed.

That’s why RapidKnowHow created the 5 step Moving from A to B Process to get started now. Watch the short video action guide below. Wish You All Success!

Step 1: Choose the Right Place to Start

Identify the place to start and establish the right team for the initiative

Step 2: Understand Where You Are Now

The team collectively builds one simple picture that captures your current state. See and easily agree on the need for the move

Step 3: Imagine Where You Want to Be

Discover the pain points of target buyers imposed by the industry. Sketch your total demand strategy map you can implement

Step 4: Describe How to Get There

Apply systematic step-by-step action guides to move quickly and expand the current market place

Develop innovative business models that achieve differentiation , low cost and create stakeholder value

Step 5: Make Your Move

Select your move , conduct rapid market tests with innovative , trusted and loyal business friends and refine the move.

Finalize the move by formalizing your business model that delivers a mutually beneficial gain for both buyers and you.

Launch and roll out your move.


RapidKnowHow offers breakthrough business models to thrive leadership in the digital age.

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