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To grow your sales in the information age, you need a practical sales performance management tool that works.

#RapidKnowHow: Sales Management Actions Drive Profitable Growth. You‘ll describe the actual versus the future situation
Segmentation: Today we focus on generating new business; in the future, we focus on developing our existing most profitable customers

RapidKnowHow: Sales Management Actions to Fulfill Customer Wants
Customer Wants: Today we do business with the buying centre; in the future, we focus on fulfilling users’ wants to get their job done

RapidKnowHow: Sales Management Actions Sell Solutions
Sales Process: Today we sell products and related services; in the future, we‘ll sell complete solutions

RapidKnowHow: Sales Management Actions Drive Partnership
Sales Skills: Today we improving our sales skills; in the future, we‘ll establish business partnerships

 RapidKnowHow: Sales Management Actions Drive Sales Profitability

Performance Measures: Today we measure sales expenses as % of sales; in the future, we‘ll measure sales profitability as % of sales

So today we‘ve learned how to present a straightforward sales performance improvement strategy to our boss in 30 Minutes. To Your Success!