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The industrial gas business typically relies on three strategic competences to maintain a competitive advantage:

1. Gas Production and Supply Chain Management: The industrial gas business requires expertise in gas production, purification, and distribution. Strategic competences in this area involve efficient and cost-effective production processes, reliable supply chain management, and the ability to meet customer demands for various gases in different quantities and purities. This includes managing the sourcing of raw materials, optimizing production facilities, and ensuring safe and timely delivery to customers.

2. Technology and Innovation: The industrial gas industry is constantly evolving, and strategic competences in technology and innovation are crucial for staying ahead of the competition. This involves investing in research and development to develop new gas production technologies, improve existing processes, and explore new applications for industrial gases. Companies with strong competences in technology and innovation can offer customers advanced solutions, such as customized gas mixtures, specialty gases, or gas-related equipment and services.

3. Customer Relationship Management: Building and maintaining strong relationships with customers is essential in the industrial gas business. Strategic competences in customer relationship management involve understanding customer needs, providing tailored solutions, and delivering excellent customer service. This includes offering technical support, providing on-site gas management services, and ensuring reliable and responsive communication channels. Companies with strong competences in customer relationship management can establish long-term partnerships with customers, leading to repeat business and customer loyalty.

These three strategic competences work together to create a competitive advantage in the industrial gas business. By effectively managing gas production and supply chains, investing in technology and innovation, and building strong customer relationships, companies can differentiate themselves in the market and maintain a strong position in the industry.