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Rapid Insight for Digital Leaders – 3 Golden Steps to Start Your Digital Transformation Journey Successfully highlights the proven three most important steps to start your digital journey successfully.
Here are three rapid steps to get started successfully:

The Challenge

Digital Transformation requires leadership from the top.
The board of directors, the executive management, the owner must support the strategic initiative by being the steering group acting as digital transformation champion.
The reasons are the magnitude of change, the degree of disruption, and the power of inertia you’ll meet on the journey.

Here are three golden steps to start your digital transformation journey successfully:

Step 1: Define Your Goal

Your first task is to create your goal statement to set a clear direction and focus your effort.
Here is an example: We want to establish strategic relationships with our most innovative customers in three months.

Step 2: Appoint Your Digital Customer Leader

Next, you’ll appoint the digital customer leader(DTL) to transfer your goal into results rapidly.
You’ll nominate one of your best key account managers to deliver the goal successfully.

Step 3: Getting Started

Finally, the DTL defines his/her most innovative customers in one week or less to keep the momentum.
He uses three primary selection criteria:
1. Choosing a dynamic sector such as the automobile, telecommunication to thrive business development rapidly.
2. Selecting the market leader or number two of the industry globally or in a specific region to succeed in increasing your profitable sales and thriving innovation.
3. Your company has the highest share of sales and services at this particular customer, and you have established relationships for more than five years.
Having a profitable business and established relationships minimises the business risk.


Successful digital leaders adopt proven and risk-free steps to start their digital journey successfully.
We developed a simple three-step process that helps to achieve your goal.
To Your Success, Josef