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How to Transfer Your Visitors into Readers Who Take Action in 30 Minutes

If you want to be able to generate sales with article marketing, then your articles need to be able to get the desired response.

What is the desired response?

Transfer Your Visitors into Readers Who Take Action

Discover how to transfer your visitors into readers who take actions in 30 Minutes

Step 1 : Make Search Users Click Your Article

First, you want to attract the right readers with an specific and result oriented headline

How to Headlines

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Your Title has to be specific because you want the article to emerge in search results for the right keyword searches. That means, you want to attract only potential customers.

It has to be result oriented to make clear what she will achieve after reading the article.

Make Search Users to Click Your Article Title

Step 2 : Make Visitors to Read Your Article

Next, you want the reader to finish reading the entire article.Write an article introduction that engages your reader emotionally.

How to Write a Compelling Introduction

1. Address Readers Wants

  • You want ___
  • You’re thinking ___
  • You wish that ____

2. Describe Readers Pain Points

  • Every time you want to design your digital strategy, you feel frustrated​​​
  • If you soon get website visitors, you’ll stop wasting time for this project

3. Highlight the BENEFITS When Reading the Article

  • I assure you, there is a simple way to design your digital strategy rapidly
  • Know what? You aren’t alone. I went through the same challenge.

When making your content easy and logical to read, you’ll help your reader to pay attention and immediately take actions.

So write short, action oriented sentences, and make sure that the content is easy to comprehened.You’ll be using a standard article structure:

1. Headline2. Introduction

3. Subheading

4. Explain your reader’s problem

5. Subheading

6. The real root cause of the reader’s problem

7. Subheading

8. How to solve your reader’s problem

9. Subheading

10. How your reader can apply your solution

11. Subheading

12. Conclusion / Call to Action

Make Visitors to Read Your Article

Step 3 : Make Reader to Act

Finally, you want the reader to click on your links. To achieve that, you need to write an enticing call to action.

You only have ONE goal now – to get the reader to take action.

Say what you offer quickly, and then ask your reader to take action.

Make Reader to Act

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