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The Digital Leadership Strategy Map Attracts New Retail Clients Rapidly and Generate a Continuous Cash Flow 

If you want to start your digital program rapidly and gain results quickly, I suggest acquiring retail clients globally by using the power of the internet.

Here is a short and straightforward strategy map that helps to achieve your goal:

Digital Leadership Strategy Map: Acquiring Retail Clients Globally By Creating and Selling Digital Products Rapidly

Discover to set up a simple strategy that is easy to communicate to top management and to get their approval right away. You take your leadership role and courage to get started. To your success – Josef

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How to Acquire Retail Clients Globally By  Selling Digital Products and Generate a Sustained Cash Flow

There are four strategy categories that you can use to create your strategy rapidly:

  1. Learning and Growth
  2. Internal Process
  3. Customer
  4. Finance

Learning and Growth

Your first step is to appoint a digital product manager. He starts setting up a global campaign to acquire retail clients.

Internal Process

Next, the digital product manager will create a digital retail platform. Your company will offer digital how-to solve clients problems products that demonstrate how your target clients can use your products effectively and efficiently.


Your target clients can access your membership site online 24/7.  Your promotion will generate a steady flow of visitors to your website whom you’ll convert into members rapidly.


Your goal is to increase your cash flow by increasing the number of members continuously and establish a recurring income stream from loyal customers.

Digital Leadership Strategy Map: Acquiring Retail Clients Globally and Generate a Sustained Cash Flow Rapidly

Josef David specialises in creating and implementing innovative digital business strategies. He helps business leaders to turn them into transformation programs rapidly. His focus is on generating quick, but sustainable business results.

Josef has started with digital business strategy creation and implementation in 2000 – 2002 for a global DAX 30 company where he created the digital strategy and led the comprehensive digital transformation program consisting of more than 20 e-commerce projects of a post-merger company that generated quick cash flows that financed the program.

Since 2002, Josef has created and implemented dozens of digital strategies and digital projects that generated rapid results. He specialises with his RapidKnowHow platform on transferring your digital gaols into results rapidly by offering :

  • Creating innovative digital business models
  • Crafting your digital business strategy
  • Creating digital business solutions that generate income quickly