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The RapidKnowHow Strategy Map Helps Business Leaders Convert Goals into Results Rapidly by Using The Power of the Internet
You want to start your digital business rapidly by transferring your sales goals into results rapidly.
You need a proven innovative business model to create, deliver and capture value.
Here’s our strategy map for transferring your goals into results rapidly. To your success – Josef

The RapidKnowHow Strategy Map: How to Turn Your Goals into Results Rapidly

Discover how to craft your digital starter program using our RapidKnowHow strategy map. To your success – Josef

The RapidKnowHow Strategy: Helping Business Leaders Turn Your Goals into Results Rapidly

Learning and Growth

Your first step is to appoint a digital program leader. His first task is to establish a program team from functional experts: sales, operations, marketing, finance, IT.

Internal Process

Next, the digital leadership team creates the digital leadership process that aims at creating, delivering and capturing value from the target customer segment:

  1. Define Target Customer Segment
  2. Determine Value Proposition
  3. Create an Innovative Business Model


Now you’ll define through which channels you want to reach your clients. We recommend establishing a digital business platform through which you’ll sell digital products and related services.


Your goal is to create and market digital products that demonstrate how-to solve specific problems in digital form (Workbooks, eCourses, Audio, Apps etc.). You will capture income from selling digital products, online coaching and subscription fees.

Josef David specializes in creating and implementing innovative digital business strategies. He helps business leaders to turn them into transformation programs rapidly. His focus is on generating quick, but sustainable business results.

Josef has started with digital business strategy creation and implementation in 2000 – 2002 for a global DAX 30 company where he created the digital strategy and led the global digital transformation program consisting of more than 20 e-commerce projects of a post-merger company that generated quick cash flows that financed the program.

Since 2002, Josef has created and implemented dozens of digital strategies and digital projects that generated rapid results. He specializes with his RapidKnowHow platform on transferring your digital gaols into results rapidly by offering :

  • Creating innovative digital business models
  • Crafting your digital business strategy
  • Creating digital business solutions that generate income rapidly


Email: josefdavid.rapidknowhow@gmail.com