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CEOs and Business Owners want to thrive cash-flow generation rapidly.

That’s why we outline 12 primary business models to help you generate multiple cash-flow streams rapidly. – To Your Success – Josef

Here are 12 of the primary business models that will make you generate multiple cash-flows rapidly and sustainably:

Online Business Model #1: Content and Media

Create Value

Create ample evergreen content that allows you to repurpose that content in different formats such as ebooks, books, videos, apps, digital magazines, and video channels.

Deliver Value

Deliver value to your target clients through efficient online channels.
Your goal is to build authority, generate leads and new clients rapidly and globally.
You’ll deliver your know-how effectively and efficiently through online channels such as LinkedIn and Quora to your target clients.

Capture Value

Create networks from your own website in related target segments that use your products and services e.g. manufacturing industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, and healthcare.

Cut costs and create value through centralized business blogging. Your key authors are the application engineers.

Generate transaction revenues from one-time customer payments by selling application e-books, videos, and recurring revenue and cash-flow streams as usage fees, subscription fees, and from affiliating your know-how.

We’ll outline all 12 primary strategies. Stay tuned!

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