Becoming The Digital Leader – How to Build Your Digital Solution-Based Asset Company Rapidly [Case: Industrial Gases]

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Today we’ll learn how to transfer your industrial company into a digital solution based asset company rapidly.

The goal is to increase return on assets by creating and selling digital solutions from your fixed assets and proprietary know-how.


Establish Your Digital Solution-Based Asset Company Model

We recommend arriving at a clear business concept and a coherent strategy that your management can agree on.

Use our proprietary model below to establish your digital solution-based asset company rapidly AND sustainably.
Applying our proprietary digital solution-based asset company model will help you create stakeholder value. To Your Success – Josef


Turn Your Digital Solution-Based Asset Company Model into Cash Flow Rapidly

After having created our digital solution-based asset company model, we can turn our fixed assets and virtual assets into digital business solutions and information products.

The practical way is to establish a digital solution-based product manager who is responsible for creating and launching digital solutions regularly. He/She runs a program that refinances itself from the residual income generated from multiple cash flows.

Here is the model at your convenience: