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Did You Know Why most CEOs are bad at LinkedIn? Because they are VALUE TAKER!

Because a typical CEO sees LinkedIn as part of the conversation about HIM, HIS company and HIS products. That’s wrong!
LinkedIn is important to your personal and company brand reputation.
If you are just taking information on LinkedIn and promoting your company’s products and services, then your and your company’s reputation will suffer.

Value Taker versus Value Provider

The internet age has created a culture of VALUE TAKING. Value Takers find it appropriate to take information from other people, use it for their purposes and push it out to the public under their names. This way all people involved are frustrated.

VALUE GIVERS are mature internet users, who understand the rules of the modern game. They are eager to provide value AND expect getting value in return. My experience, however, is that there are just very, very few value givers out there.

Most of the business people are Value Takers. The opportunity, however, is to educate the VALUE TAKERS to become VALUE GIVERS/PROVIDERS.

How to Become a Value Giver Rapidly?

If you want to become a VALUE GIVER on LinkedIn then you must change this behavior rapidly!
Leaders in today’s digital business world offer value to others thereby getting recognized as VALUE GIVERS in their field.
Digital Leaders see LinkedIn as part of the conversation about YOU, YOUR problems and challenges and YOUR products.
They are eager to understand their clients’ problems.
They offer practical solutions that help to turn their clients’ challenges into measurable results rapidly.
Then they let their clients communicate about the value you delivered using the power of YouTube. That’s right!

Here is a simple template that helps to turn to a LinkedIn Pro rapidly. – To Your Success – Josef