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3 Steps to Creating a Business Model in One Hour

You want to starting your digital business.

First, you’ll need a sound business idea and solid business model.

That’s why I’ve written this post to help you get started.

Step 1: Identify a problem you can solve

Step 2: Develop your business idea

Step 3: Create your business model in one hour

Here is the process, we  use our RapidKnowHow Business Model.

Step 1: Identify a problem you can solve

Service providers want to start their digital business to get out in front in the digital age.

They’re looking for a simple process to create their digital business model.

That’s why we’ve established the rapidknowhow.com platform.

We offer our rapidknowprogram guide for building, starting and leading your digital business.

Step 2: Develop your Business Idea

For developing our business idea, we followed this three step process:

  1. Creating our business offer
  2. Creating the delivery channel to deliver our offer
  3. Capturing income from creating and delivering our business offer

1. Creating Our Business Offer

RapidKnowHow is our proprietary program. It provides breakthrough strategies that help service providers to build, start and lead innovative businesses successfully.

2. Creating the Delivery Channel to Deliver our Offer

RapidKnowHow delivers it’s online RapidKnowHow program exclusively through www.rapidknowhow.com , so users can access the program via computers, tablets and smartphones anytime and anywhere

3. Capturing Income from Creating and Delivering our Business Offer

RapidKnowHow captures value by providing an automated money transaction process where we offer payment by credit cards and PayPal.
The goal is to help you save time and avoid hassles.

Step 3: Create your Business Model in One Hour

Next, we’ll transfer our business idea into our business model.

The business model describes the rationale of how we create, deliver and capture value.

We’ll use the proven business model canvas.

Today, we’ve shown how to create a business idea and transfer it into an innovative business model in one hour.

Now it’s your turn! Wish You All Success!

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