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In this short video workshop series on strategy partnership delivered we’ll turn supplier relations into strategic partnership.
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We’ll go ahead with phase one: 3 steps to receive request for proposals.

How to Receive Requests for Proposals Rapidly

Every time when you reduce cost and exposure to liabilities stakeholders are paying attention to the environmental, health, safety and total cost of ownership optimimization of the entire industrial gas supply chain.

This is why I created this short video workshop series.

It’ll help fulfilling your stakeholders’ wants. We’ll start by requesting proposals from chosen industrial gas suppliers.

3 Steps to Receiving Proposals from Industrial Gas Suppliers Rapidly

In this first phase we’ll request proposals from chosen industrial gas suppliers in 3 steps:

Step 1 – We’ll establish a program team

Step 2 – We’ll identify baseline costs

Step 3 – We’ll manage the RFQ process successfully.

Step 1 – Establish Program Team

The first step is to appoint a team leader charged with development and leading the program.

The leader must have intimitate knowledge of the facility, the industrial gas management systems, be influential with upper management and have strong leadership and communication skills.

The time leader will define team roles and responsibilities.

Next, the team will develop goals for :

  • Reducing Total Cost of Industrial Gas Supply
  • Building Strategic Partnership with ONE industrial gas supplier

Step 2 – Identify Baseline Costs

The Team will proceed with documenting the industrial gas purchase costs.

The purchase department will provide the unit prices of gases and related services as cylinder rents, tank rents, manifold rents etc.)

The value of this documentation is that it provides a baseline for measuring future total cost of ownership reductions.

Step 3 – Managing the RFQ Process

In step 3 you’ll discuss with your top management champion which part of the industrial gas supply chain should be transferred to an industrial gas service provider.

Then, the team will design and send out the RFQ to chosen industrial gas suppliers.

In this short video workshop, we’ve outlined the process for receiving proposals from chosen industrial gas suppliers rapidly.

Now it’s your turn to start transferring your supplier relations into a strategic partnership.

Wish You All Success! Thanks for Sharing.