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The 1-Hour Sales Leader – Top 11 Ways to Calculate Your Industrial Gas Sales People Need

You want to calculate the number of sales people you need to ensure delivering your sales budget.

Here are top 11 factors and guidelines that help you calculate your sales people need in ONE hour.​

How to calculate your sales people need in ONE hour?

The number of sales people you need depends on various factors, but ultimately be in line with the profitability and growth plans for your organization.

The chart below helps you to decide on your basic sales people requirements:​

Sales Factor


Number of Direct Customers

10 to 150 per Sales Person depending
on the customer size


$ 500.000 to $ 3 Mio per Sales Person

Number of Prospects

10 to 25 per sales person

Average Customer Size

Key Account Management, Retail Management

% of Customers under Contract

All Key Accounts and Key Customers

Sales Persons Cost

​50.000 $ Fixed Salary i.e. 10% of Total Sales

Number of Potential Growth Customers

More Opportunities, More Sales people

Competitive Pressure

Higher Pressure More Sales people

Sales person's competence

Finding Opportunities , Solving Customer Problems, Reducing Total Cost Of Ownership

Sales Margin

Average Contribution Margin 50%

Visits per Day

2 - 4 Visits , Larger the Area the higher the Number

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