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The 1-Hour Industrial Gas Leader – How to Spot Your Top 3 Objectives

You want to relate you company goals to your sales activities to focus on meeting your company's overall objectives.
Here you'll get a simple process that will make you spot your top company objectives in ONE day.

How to spot your Top 3 company objectives in ONE day?

  1. Vision Statement
    What is the vision statement of your company?
  2. Strategic Objectives
    What are the strategic goals that your company want to achieve in the next three years concerning:
    •  Sales
    •  Volumes
    •  Profitability
    •  Market Share
    •  Number of Customers
    •  Geographic Expansion
    •  Strategic Segments 
  3. Market Analysis​
    You need a marketing plan including the following:
    • Industrial Segments
    • Competitors ( names, market shares, development, main strategy)
    • Your sales development over the last three years ( total and by segment)
    • Customer structure (ABC- analysis, Sales and number of customer in each group for this and last year)
    • Targeting, focus geographical area
    • SWOT - analysis, which are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in your defined market
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