Becoming The Customer Satisfaction Leader -The Top 6 Customer Satisfaction Drivers You Must Know [Case: Industrial Gases ]

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The Top 6 Customer Satisfaction Drivers You Must Know [Case: Industrial Gases ]

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Today we’ll learn how to drive customer satisfaction to build customer loyalty

To become and remain the number one industrial gas supplier, you need to deliver on the top 6 drivers for customer satisfaction every day.

Next, we will discuss the top 6 drivers:

Value Driver One: Create Value

Best industrial gas companies put emphasis on selling value.

They make sure that their salespeople targeting loyal buyers who value consistent product quality, performance and rely on trusted suppliers to provide it.

Value buyers compare the prices which they are charged with the value you can offer.

Salespeople must know the customer situation and must learn to sell value which means to demonstrate how your product solution increases the cash-flow of the client.

Value Driver Two: Customer Service

Customer Service is the second most important driver.

Customers want easy access to friendly, competent people who listen, understand their problem rapidly and offer a practical solution immediately.

Value Driver Three: Customer Care

Customer Care is the way how your salespeople care for their customers.

Procurement Managers, Operations Managers, Gas Supply Managers want to get advice on how to reduce costs and improve the quality, safety, and environment of the order fulfilment and production process.

Salespeople must be able to solve urgent problems immediately and organise demonstrations of industrial gas solutions that improve the productivity of customers production processes.

Value Driver Four: Delivery Quality

Frequent Deliveries ensure the quality of gases and the quantities adjusted to customers consumption.

Automatic deliveries of gases are critical to avoid stock-outs which would result in unwanted production downtime.

Value Driver Five: Outlet Services

Industrial Gas Companies work with independent dealers who sell their gases on commission.

They ensure the dealers are service companies who offer complementary products to industrial gases to the same end-user segments.

Value Driver Six: Training

Industrial gas companies offer training programs for improving costs, the environment, health and safety in the use of industrial gases.

They offer these programs online where interested clients get access to a tailored solution for a subscription fee or one-time payment.

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Today, we learned the top 6 customer satisfaction drivers for the industrial gas business. Now it’s Your turn.  I wish You all Success.