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Walk Me offers what is called a digital transformation platform (DAP) that makes technology much easier for end users to operate.

If you’ve ever tried to explain how to do something on a computer over the phone to a parent, you know that almost all technology is really easy to use if you already know how to use it.

The problem is that if you don’t know you need assistance, either from a business coach or watch a tutorial video or to use Walk Mes DAP which aspires “ transform the way users interact with technology as GPS changed the way people drive.

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Just as reengineering was a huge buzzword in the 1990s, so today we have digital transformation. I was hired in one of my first jobs by Jim Champy, one of the coauthors of Reengineering the Corporation. The other coauthor was one of my MIT professors, Michael Hammer. So I had a pretty good idea of what reengineering was about — changing the way a company works so it delivers customers a better deal than competitors. Reengineering offered great promise but like many corporate initiatives it delivered disappointment — largely because it focused heavily on making processes better and neglected people. Digital transformation reminds me of the Mark Twain aphorism that history does not repeat itself but sometimes it rhymes. WalkMe Raises $207.5M To Accelerate Corporate Digital Transformation

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