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Hello and Welcome!

Today we’re going to start a new video post series on The 1-Minute Learner. The goal is to see the whole complex system by answering a question in two sentences in a way that a five-year-old child would understand.

Why I am doing this? Because my 6-years old grandson asks me such questions which I realized cannot answer in a simple way. So, that’s why I started this process. Again it proves that life-long learning is critical.

In today’s fast-moving and competitive environment, self-learning becomes a strategic competence. Self-learners adopt expert know-how fast thereby getting out in front.

That’s why we need to understand and apply advanced methods to learn, remember, and master new skills and information fast. I do hope the 1-Minute Learner series will help us succeed!


RapidKnowHow is a technique to explain complex topics in one or two sentences so that every child understands them.

By applying RapidKnowHow we can combine rapid skill acquisition and simple explanations with clear communication.

Click below to see some examples:

Source: GOOGLE