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If you want to become the driver of your life, then you need to strive for being the best educated in your profession, business.

I know what I’m talking about. My experience of my 45+ years of career. I started my corporate career as an industrial apprentice in 1965 and finished as SVP Program Management of a DAX 30 company in 2002.

Key Success Factors

My key success factors in driving my career successfully had been: Education and focus on achieving short-term, measurable, and challenging objectives and long-term – 10 years life-goals

My Career Path

First, my focus was on first finishing a solid education and practicing as a cost accountant at an international company.

Next, I changed to a Swedish international company as an operation economy assistant to the technical director.

After ten years of creating, implementing, and developing an operation economy system, I changed to the marketing department for building up a retail management system for 30.000+ clients

Then, I took over the marketing planning department. My task was to create and implement a sales performance management system.

After finishing my project, I moved to sales for becoming a Regional sales manager.

in 1989, after the fall of the iron curtain, I was appointed as Business Development Manager CEE to establish our operations in CEE.

At the end of 2000, I was offered the SVP job of a Global Program Manager e-Business. My objective was to build up the global digital e-Business by transforming the international industrial company into a global IT-driven cash-flow generating entity.

Besides my professional career, I finished my MBA in international management and MSc for development at the Open University. The OU is one of the leading distance learning institutions.

That’s in short my history.

So, what is your goal and objective in your life? Are you driving your life path or just waiting for offers to come around? Do you have an education plan for building up your expertise?

Profile of Top Universities in the World

Studying at Top Universities is another approach for driving your career path. Whatever path you choose, It’s up to you to shape your life. Wish You All Success!

Here is an infographic showing the top education universities. Enjoy!

Top 10 Universities

If you want to share your experiences, just leave a reply below or else contact me. See You!