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Hello Democrats!

The House of Covid Cards is breaking down. The fight for freedom, democracy, and liberty of millions of people from around the world has been successful.

Many Democrats who have fought for freedom, peace, and justice, and for our fundamental rights in recent years have won. The fight isn’t over yet! Now those responsible for causing this immense economic, health, and social damage must face a COVID TRIBUNAL. The charge is crimes against humanity. In this video series, I will present the main milestones from 2020 to today in AUSTRIA. Stay tuned!

Students in Austria demonstrate against the 2G rule (tested and vaccinated) in late 2021. Untested and vaccinated students cannot enter the university.

Austria turned from REAL DEMOKRATIE to the FASCIST STATE from 2020 to 2022. The main drivers and responsible have been the politicians from the ÖVP, SPÖ, Grüne, and NEOS parties.

The Federal President has supported this unconstitutional development through his concrete actions and non-actions.

The Austrian Covid Process

The ruthless politicians regarded the population as UNTERTANEN from the very beginning. Reckless politicians, unions, and chamber functionaries adopted a dictatorial strategy to make people obedient. This strategy caused immense damage economically, and socially.

That's why the politicians, officials and doctors responsible have to appear before a Covid tribunal in 2022/2023
After new elections in 2022, people of integrity will lead Austria back to democracy.
The Austrian Process from Dictatorship back to Freedom and Democracy in 2022