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You’re a professional service provider who wants to offer a digital rapid problem-solving opportunity for your clients.

That’s why RapidKnowHow created a RAPID PROBLEM-SOLVING business model to turn your goal into measurable results quickly.

How Smart PROs Thrive Rapid Problem-Solving

The Challenge

Your clients expressed their need to discuss their urgent business problems with one of your dedicated experts anytime and anywhere.

The Solution

Apply RapidKnowHows THE RAPID PROBLEM-SOLVING MODEL to solve your clients’ challenges on-demand efficiently and rapidly.

The Process

  1. Your client calls you on your RAPID GREENLINE. He can reach you or one of your dedicated experts via his mobile phone.
    see example
  2. Listen to your client’s problem, ask questions to identify the main cause of the problem. Solve your client’s problem on the spot
  3. Alternatively, research the problem, ask other experts and deliver your solution within one day.
  4. Your client confirms his satisfaction with your offered solution and transfers the agreed fee to your bank account via PayPal.
  5. If your client received your best practice advice, he saved time, money and hassles.

Take Away

You’ll thrive in customer satisfaction,   sustained positive customer relationships and build CUSTOMER LIFETIME VALUE.

Your goal is to grow your customer base continuously by applying a customer referencing strategy using the power of LinkedIn.

Call to Action

Finally, meet your top management team to commit to the RAPID PROBLEM-SOLVING business model and appoint a project leader for rapid implementation.
To Your Success – Josef