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Jordan French of IDG Contribution Network presents interesting and noteable women entrepreneurs to keep an eye on in 2018.

Female entrepreneurs are continuing to change the world, becoming increasingly visible thanks to innovative ideas and successful companies.

Jordan presents a list of 20 female entrepreneurs to keep an eye on in 2018.


Discover five successful women entrepreneurs from his list:

1. Iman Oubu

SWAAY – a digital media company showcasing how amazing women disrupting the business world.

2. Kathryn Minshen

THE MUSE – helping people moving forward in their careers with expert advice and personalized job recommendations.

3. Michelle McGrath

DATATRUE – auditing and validating data for making business decisions.

4. Payal Viadakia

CLASSPASS – fitness program where users can book from a selection of thousands of workouts. Allows users become part of a larger community.

5. Edit Harbaugh

LAUNCHDARKY – helps mitigate risk for software developers by offering launching their new software successfully. Clients include Microsoft and GoPro.

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