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Research suggests that these five characteristics have increased sharply effective decision making

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Multiple Alternatives

Always develop and evaluate multiple alternatives by using the point-counterpoint approach in your group discussions.

Open Debate

To generate multiple alternatives, facilitate open, constructive debate by encouraging your group to explore a variety of opportunities

Assumption Testing

When exploring opportunities, make sure the group understands which are based on facts or on assumptions closely tied to data from reliable sources

Well defined Objetives

Define your objective and stay on target. Don’t change your objectives because of time pressure or a rush to reach an agreement

Perceived Fairness

The objective of the process is to create the best outcome by creating ownership of the group by facilitating the process so each member participates actively. Periodically evaluate your group performance after reaching milestones

Take Away

Managing these five characteristics well makes your decision a much greater possibility of success

Source: Harvard Business Press / Pocket Mentor / Making Decisions