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If you want to be successful with your digital business today, your online presence must be designed around these 3 pillars:

1. Clear Goal2. Understanding Needs, Wants and Expectations of Your Target Market3. Providing Products and Services That Are Fulfilling These Wants, Needs and Expectations.

In this short action guide, we will learn how to create our unqiue selling proposition and turning it into a client focused website rapidly.

We’ll apply this 5 step process to achieve our goal:

1. Defining Goal2. Defining Target Market3. Creating Digital Products and Services4. Developing a Client Focused Website5. Setting up Our Client Focused Website in One Day

Let’s Get Started!

1. Defining Goal

First we will create our goal for our digital business. Our primary goal is what we want to deliver. We’ll demonstrate this on our RapidKnowHow project.

We’ll deliver Breakthrough Strategies for Business Leaders that Will Make Them Get Out in Front in their Business Sector Rapidly.Next we’ll define our target market and the wants and needs of the market.

2. Defining Target Market

It’s important to define your target market. We’ll need to determine our target market and the wants and needs of our market.

Meet Frank, he is the project leader for the company Acumen Inc. Acumen Inc’s goal is to become the digital leader in their sector in 2018. They are in the construction material sector in Central Europe.Frank wants to get started in 2017. But he does not know how.

  • What if he could get a proven start-up strategy?
  • What if he could get a self-coaching tool that he can use anytime and anywhere?
  • What if he could get a practical step-by-step guide to get started today?

Now , we will outline our products and services that help Frank achieving his goal effectively.

3. Creating Digital Products and Services

Now it’s time for creating digital products and services that fullfil Frank’s wants .

First we’ll create our proven 5 step process as action guide in word and pdf. Next we’ll record video workshops that will help Frank to translate goals into results rapidly. Then we’ll create blog posts in WordPress and LinkedIn that assist Frank in getting access to our know how anytime and anywhere.

We’ll also offer online coaching to get Frank ahead with his project rapidly.

Next. we’ll create a client focused website that will be our hub for attracting people like Frank worldwide and helping them getting access to our digital products and services rapidly.

4. Developing a Client Focused Website

A client focused website attracts high value readers and converting them into leads and clients rapidly.

First we’ll design the website . We’ll use an expert tutorial for accomplishing our task in one day or less.

Finally,  we start setting up our Website using the leading content management tool: WordPress.org

5. Setting up the Website

Let’s design our Website rapidly.

The Home PageBy default WordPress shows your latest blog posts on the home page, but we’ll not want this.​We want to create a client focused home page following our simple 3part formula:

1. Above the Fold

In the first part of the home page we want to communicate why we’re different from everybody else, next we’ll outline our unique value proposition, finally we’ll offer a call-to-action asking visitors to take the next step in the process.

2. Creating Content

In this part we’ll add our custom post grid. This will allow us to showcase our best, most valuable blog posts.

3. Call to Action

When visitors scroll to the end of our home page, we will ask them for contacting us in case they need any assistance in the process. We also offer a free consultation hour.

Today we’ve learned how to create your unique selling proposition and turning them into a client focused website rapidly.Now it’s your turn! Wish You All Success! Thanks for Sharing!