The 1-Hour Digital Leader – 5 Facts About Successful Animation Marketing

Empirical evidence and research proves 5 facts:

  1. Stories Sell
  2. Joining Conversation in Reader's Head
  3. Images vs Text
  4. Best Length for an Animated Marketing Video
  5. Keep it Short

1. Stories Sell

Customers want to be sold a vision of how a particular product or service " will benefit ME".
They want to reaping rewards.
The best way to achieve a vision is using a cartoon!
A cartoon is all about the bigger picture and closing over the details.

2. Join the Conversation in Reader's Head

We always have a conversation going on in our head.
Once we receuve any stimulus, our subsconscious mind starts discussing it.
Therefore, in creating any story, we should establish a dialogue with our prospects to make them pay attention.

3. Images vs Text

If we want to pay prospects pay attention with the logical part of the brain, we use speech. But if we want them to use the emotional part of the brain we use images.
And if we want to fully engage viewers, we coordinate images and speech with music to get the full impact of the logical and emotional side of the brain.
Recognize that too much text in a presentation can be distracting.
The human brain can process 275 words per minute in written form, and it only hear 150 words per minute.
This means that putting a lot of on screen text can cause a mental disconnect.
Instead " season" your slides with short phrases or words to emphasize emotional triggers.
This can be a very powerful way of making your prospects pay attention at key moments in your presentation.

4. Best Length for an Animated Marketing Video

The average span of the internet generation is 90 seconds. 
This is the time we have to get our message across.
And the first 7 seconds are the most crucial!
That's when you have to convince viewers to actually continue watching and listening.

5. Keep it Short

Start with a longer presentation e.g. a blog post like this one, and then cutting it down.
Be very clear about what you want to convey. As in our case, I wanted to convey the 5 facts about animation video marketing.

To create a short, punchy animated video, we need two things:

  1. Creating a short compelling story about our product or service this serves as our script
  2. Turn this story into an awesome animated video clip using best animated software.

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