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Today, many businesses turning into commodity positions rapidly.

If you want to remain competitive, a sustainable business model make all the difference.

That’s why I created RAPIDKKNOWHOW video workshops about breakthrough strategies that turn your commodity business into a sustainable business model rapidly.

In this new blog post, you’ll discover :

  1. The principles of choosing accomplished business executives
  2. How to rapidly organize a strategy meeting and
  3. Getting started using our RapidKnowHow approach.

You’re a business owner who wants to turn your commodity situation into a sustainable business.
Discover in this short post how you can transfer your commodity position into a sustainable business rapidly.
You’ll start turning your commodity position into a sustainable business in 3-steps:

1. Choose Accomplished Business Executive

First you’ll choose a business executive who has transferred commodity businesses into sustainable businesses.

You’ll analyse :

  • Who is he
  • What is his mission
  • What he has achieved
  • How he’s achieved it
  • Call to Action

Next you’ll make a checklist for choosing a successful business development executive rapidly:


  • Name
  • Title
  • Role


  • What He Does
  • What He Delivers

Business Cases

  • Sector
  • Role
  • Turnover
  • Responsibility
  • Result Delivered

How He Helps

  • Leadership Style
  • Creating Industrial Brands
  • International Market Entries
  • Starting-up Ventures
  • Turnaround Businesses Successfully

Call to Action

  • Offer Meeting
  • Discussion Points
  • Contacting Easily

See how my son Marc communicates his credentials :

2. Organize Strategy Meeting

Next you’ll organize a strategy meeting with your chosen executive to discuss how to transferring your commodity business into a sustainable business.

You’ll want to discuss these points:

  • Short introduction
  • Outlining your challenge
  • Impacting your business
  • How to solve your challenge rapidly
  • Next steps

3. Sign Contract & Get Started

Finally, you’ll sign the contract with your chosen executive. You’ll make sure these contract items are covered:

  • Reviewing Your Situation
  • Highlighting the Impact on Your Business
  • Describing Your Wants
  • Stating How-to Deliver Your Targets
  • Steps to Deliver Your Targets
  • Actions / Timing / Responsibility
  • Goal : Sales Increase / Profitability Increase / Cost Decrease / Delivered in x Weeks
  • Executive Fee
  • Starting Point

In this short video post you’ve learned to get started turning your commodity business into a sustainable business rapidly.

See video summary for illustration:

Now it’s your turn!

Use these three step process to establish your business improvement now! Wish You All Success!