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The goal is to create a data driven dashboard for leaders who want to make effective decisions and get into actions fast

First , we define the purpose of the dashboard: WHO is the user. WHAT does he want to achieve. HOW he wants to achieve his goal

Next we‘ll define the right metrics that help the user measure the progress towards his objective

We‘ll use the most effective visuals that help users to know-how the  system works

We‘ll eliminate any clutter to help the user stay focused

Now, we help the  user to understand  the cause and effect of the system step-by-step

This part is the most important : Focus in telling a compelling and clear story with data and/or other visuals :

1. Exploratory story to understand data and identify patterns and trends
2. Explanatory story to tell a specific story or explain what happened and WHY.

Finally make a statement which gets the user started.