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4 Steps to Move from The Career Manager to The Strategic Career Leader

If you want to move to the Strategic Career Leader, then drive these four directions:


1. Moving from the Career Manager to The Career DriverThe Career Manager understands that change is natural-and it’s healthy. He strengthens his professional abilities every time he takes on new challenges. He gains insight into what he wants from his work, and learn a new set of skills. He finds more satisfaction in his work and contributes more to his organisationThe Career Driver proactively enhances his current role or taking on new roles within his firm. He moves from operation economy to marketing planning, or from marketing planning to sales management.The company benefits , too, because it now has an even more loyal employee (you!) without incurring the costs of evaluating, hiring, and training someone to replace you.


2. Moving from the Career Driver to The Strategic Career LeaderThe Career Driver is dedicated to the idea of continuous learning. They regularly assess their interests, values, and skills to figure out the kinds of work for which they are best suited.The Strategic Career Leader is committed to their company’s success. They understand the skills and behaviours the company will need in the future – and are willing and able to respond quickly and flexibly to develop those capabilities. They can move easily across functional boundaries and between regular duties and special projects and programs.


3. Moving from the Career Manager to The Career ShaperThe Career Manager understands even though change is natural and healthy, that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. Managing own professional development entails some focused efforts to know yourself.The Career Shaper know their most passionate business interests and the kind of work they’re most passionate about. They understand their deepest work values – such  as autonomy, money, close working relationships with colleagues – that they consider most important. Your strongest skills are your abilities, the things you have learned HOW TO DO, such as program management for rolling out a global e-business program.


4. Moving from the Career Shaper to The Strategic Career LeaderThe Career Shaper is dedicated to action-learning of new business skills such as rapid problem-solving, creating new business solutions, launching new innovative business models. The Strategic Career Leader is committed to life-long learning. They understand the competencies the market will need in the future – and are willing and eager to take on new roles such as management consultant, business owner and investor. They strategically move across business boundaries and between regular business assignments, special programs and interim management contracts.

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