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Hello and Welcome! Today we‘ll learn how Austria‘s Government managed the Covid Pandemic

Austria Covid Management shows the process from the main drivers to the critical actions the Austrian government adopted to the final outcome.
Austria’s Covid Strategy

Austria’s government adopted a destructive strategy against people to manage the Covid Pandemic which led to economic, social and health disasters

Austria’s Government Covid Management

Austria’s government implemented fear propaganda and dictatorial measures against the population to make people obedient and to increase power and cash flow for the family

Result of Austria’s Covid Strategy and Management

The input of the fear strategy led to the output of the economy, social and health disasters

The System Map of Austria’s Covid Strategy and Management

Making Ethical Decisions
Ethical Strategies to Use

Ethical Strategies to Use

The Austrian government did not appoint an ethical watchdog or ombudsman. The person who fills this position would be responsible for ensuring that ethical issues would surface during discussions. During decisions, the role of the ethical watchdog should rotate periodically.

Always ask the key question: Which decision would produce the greatest good and the least harm to people?

Two Passing Tests

There are two ethical passing tests: The legal test and the stakeholder test

The legal test ensures the decision is not against the law or against the government regulations

The stakeholder test ensures the decision is in the best interest of the county’s people and other state regulators

Ethical Process to Apply and Conclusion

The Ethical Process

The ethical ombudsman is responsible for evaluating and communicating whether the decision-making process and implementation process is open, honest and not manipulative.


Important decisions in the Covid Pandemic cannot be made by the government alone without involving all stakeholders in the process. The Austrian government has created the disaster by not considering the ethical process as critical for managing the Covid Pandemic successfully.