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Hello and Welcome! Today we‘ll learn how to apply new skills fast: Example Using System Thinking Archetypes

Fixes That Backfire

First, we choose our first system thinking archetype: FIXES THAT BACKFIRE

FIXES THAT BACKFIRE: A Problem keeps repeating itself despite efforts to fix it.

For example, taking painkillers for recurring stomach pain might seem a good solution at the moment as the pain temporarily diminishes. However, it prevents a person from visiting a doctor. By the time the person visits a doctor, it might be too late to cure the original problem. Fixes that backfire cure the symptom, not the cause!

Take Away

If we were unable to come up with a short description of FIXES THAT BACKFIRE in the previous steps, then it‘s clear we have large gaps in our knowledge.

Then we need to research FIXES THAT BACKFIRE and learn enough to describe them in a simple way.
Being able to analyze information and break it down in a simple way demonstrates knowledge and understanding. If we can‘t summarize it in one sentence, or at least in a brief concise manner, we still have blind spots that we need to learn about.