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Hello and Welcome! Today we‘ll learn how to acquire new skills fast: For example System Thinking

Applied System Thinking

First we choose our concept: SYSTEM THINKING

SYSTEM THINKING is seen as connecting unit between related parts that make the system work

Next, we draw a simple picture of how SYSTEM THINKING works. Unlike linear models, which consist of cause/effect chains (A causes B causes C causes D etc.). In system thinking the world is seen as a connecting unit with various relationships ( A causes B causes C causes A, D causes B, D causes B.)

The advantage of a model with feedback is that it does not map WHAT happens at what time, but yields information on HOW something happens and WHY it happens.

In this way, we learn how a system behaves over time. FEEDBACK LOOPS increase the response; it can go in BOTH DIRECTIONS POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE. For this reason, it is important to stablize the feedback loops by optimizing the GAP . Taking CORRECTIVE ACTIONS between the actual level and the desired level is a good  way of stabilizing

Take Away

If we were unable to come up with a short description of SYSTEM THINKING in the previous steps, then it‘s clear we have large gaps in our knowledge.

Then we need to research SYSTEM THINKING and learn enough to describe it in a simple way.
Being able to analyze information and break it down in a simple way demonstrates knowledge and understanding. If we can‘t summarize it in one sentence, or at least in a brief concise manner, we still have blind spots that we need to learn about.