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If you want to make digital income from blogging rapidly, then you should learn from entrepreneurs who have made it.

That’s why I create these post series on business cases to help you transfer your business idea into sustainable income rapidly.

Today we’ll learn how CREATE AND GO have got from $0 – 10k per month rapidly with blogging.

Following their recommended seven steps in this YouTube Video. They have 223.718 Visitors as of February 2018

1. Create your own blog
It’s crucial to create your own blog on topics you know and like.

2. Create high-quality posts on the topics
You’ll create one blog post per week on content people search for in Google Adwords, Pinterest, Quora etc.

3. DRIVE traffic to your post on your blog
You’ll actively drive traffic to your post using backlinks to your site when posting your posts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google.
You’ll use our proven rapidknowhow system for generating income from affiliating

4. Pre-selling your content
You’ll start pre-selling your content by linking your text to relevant products.
You’ll always take a subtle approach to sending your visitors to a sales pages.

Use these formulation:

  •  Want to learn more, check this out
  •  We recommend the following tools: 1,2,3 (this is what we use)

5. Start building an email list
You’ll start making your list of website users. This way you’ll have full control over the process. You’ll develop your asset gradually, using this strategy, you’ll make  sustainable income online over time.

Furthermore, a list allows you to nurture your relationships with your prospective clients.
CREATE and GO presents a convertion formula for illustration.

6. Monetising Your Content
Use affiliate products to getting started making income from blogging.
Don’t start selling your own digital products first but rather recommend digital products such as eCourses, eBooks etc from reliable experts.
This strategy helps you to get used to the compelete fulfilment process from turning visitors into leads and clients online.

7. Create Your Own Digital Products
Now it’s the right time for creating your own digital products. Once your audience gave you their valuable feedback on how they would like to get and use your products, you’ll start building your own products.
You’ll use our proven system for generating income from selling digital products from your own website.


If you want to make your digital business sustainable, then you will create and market your own digital products.
However, always start with affiliating related products then create and market your own digital products.