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You want to get insight into your life journey to understand better what has been working for you and why, but also gain insight into what didn’t work and why.

First, you might brainstorm your current situation. See my example for illustration only; you certainly have your methodology.

Today, we’ll learn a rapid methodology to find out your life journey in seven steps.
1. Quick Self Check
2. Create Your Life Story (1)
3. Create Your Life Story (2)
4. Where Are You Now
5. What Do You Want
6. Whats Working in Your Life
7. What Do You Value About Yourself!
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1. Quick Self Check
You’ll check out ” Where it hurts”.
Checkmark your present experience

2. Create Your Life Story (1)
Begin by creating a chronology of your life.
Create your life timeline from:
– Childhood
– Adolescence
– Young Childhood
– Married or Adult Life
– Later Life

3. Create Your Life Story (2)
Next, you’ll write your life history.
You’ll describe your most significant positive and negative life events:
– What happened?
– Why did it happen?
– How did it happen?

4. Where Are You Now
Here you’ll analyse your three most significant challenges right now.
You’ll make a specific list of what you hate.
For example: ” I hate that I eat even when I’m not hungry°, ” I hate the way that I cave in everytime someone disagrees with my opinion.

5. What Do You Want
You’ll find out what you really want in life.
Make the Q&A Exercise answer the questions:
– What Do You Want
– What Must You Do to Get It
– How Will You Feel When You Got It

6. What’s Working in Your Life
Review your life story and find out ten positive events or outcomes, and list them and find out main actions that led to the result.
Create Outcome – Action List

7. What Do You Value About Yourself
Find five “Value Words” or phrases that describe what you appreciate most about you. For example:
– I like how I turn my ideas into results rapidly
– I like how I help other people succeed
– I like how I can create my life vision and mission easily

Get Started
Next, we’ll transfer these 7 action steps into results. Stay tuned!