The One Hour Digital Leader – How to Create Your Power Home Page in One Hour

Three key components to create a high converting homepage.
Let’s explore three key components rapidly:

1. Headline
2. Value Proposition
3. Call – to – Action

1. Headline – Our Offer

Having a clear headline that sums up our offer as clearly as possible.
The visitor discovers what she will achieve by using our offer.
Discover our three examples:

Appszero – App Creating Service
Create powerful Mobile Apps Today

Foundr – Digital Magazine
Even The Greatest Entrepreneur Had Help

Mc Kinsey & Company – Strategy Consultancy
Strategy to Beat the Odds

2. Value Proposition – Benefits of Our Offer

Next, we’ll communicate main benefits of our offer for the target reader.
Discover our examples:

Appszero – App Creating Service
Design – Build – Publish
iPhone, iPad, Android, KindleFire

Foundr – Digital Magazine
The Magazines, Courses, Podcasts, and Blog You Need to Build a Game Changing Business

Mc Kinsey & Company – Strategy Consultancy
Great Strategists Need to Understand People, Probabilities, and the Role of Big Moves

3. Call – to – Action – Deliverables of Our Offer

Finally, we’ll employ a call-to-action button on our home page.
We’ll send readers to our offer . They will either access our blog, get a free sample or access the sales page.
The goal is to get readers to take actions rapidly.
Discover our examples:

Appszero – App Creating Service
Watch Video
Get Started Now!

Foundr – Digital Magazine
Get Your Free Printed Branson

Mc Kinsey & Company – Strategy Consultancy
Learn How

Now it’s your turn! Wish You All Success!

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