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Rapid Business Transformation

If you want to become the Digital Business Leader in your sector rapidly, then you need a simple strategy framework to succeed.Transfer your current business model into your digital business leadership position rapidly and sustainably.RapidKnowHows rapid business transformation step-by-step process helps to achieve your goal. Let’s get started.

Eight Steps to Become the Digital Business Leader Rapidly

First, you’ll establish our strategic move from turning your current supplier position into a strategic partnership with your most innovative and solvent customers.

To execute the transformation process successfully, you’ll map 18 business models for driving business leadership and matching them with a distinctive business offer.

Finally, you’ll validate which are the best business offer that impacts the transformation process of becoming the digital business leader in your sector.

Step 1: Crafting Your Transformation Strategy

To achieve your goal of becoming the digital leader in your sector rapidly, you need a proven strategy to succeed.

Apply our strategy framework, which builds retention and transformation.

You’ll find out one strategic goal for each of the four strategies.

Step 2: Changing the Buying Centre

When starting to turn your goal into strategies, you need to be aware of approaching different buying centres in the course of the transformation process.

In the current business model, you deal with functional managers such as facility manager and procurement manager.

In the new model, you’ll turn to the top management of chosen companies.

Step 3: Changing Your Business Offer

Another significant change in the process is your changing business offer.

In the current business model, you offer to increase reliability, safety, ecology, the economy of supply by providing a guaranteed availability of products.

To become the primary supplier, leading companies aiming at building strong relationships with the buying centre.

Business leaders strive for optimizing the total value chain by building strategic partnerships with their most innovative and valuable customers.

They apply these key performance indicators for validating the customers:

  • Vigilant Leadership in managing their businesses sustainably
  • A long-term sustainable business model, e.g. business sectors using the technology day-by-day. The technology is not threatened to become obsolete soon.
  • The Debt-to-Equity Ratio is <0,5 for ten years

Step 4: Establish Strategic Move – Case Industrial Gases

Now its time to define how to move from our current business status to the business leadership position in our sector rapidly.

Our strategic business model helps to move from your current position to the leadership role rapidly.

Step 5: Map Business Models for Driving Leadership

To execute the leadership strategy successfully, you’ll need a strategic business offer to succeed.

We recommend 18 practical business offers for driving business leadership.

Step 6: Allocate Business Offers to Strategic Models

The best way to succeed with your business offer is to relate it to the transformation strategy map to turn your business offers into action fast.

Step 7: Validate Business Offers

Finally, you can validate your business offer to identify strategic opportunities that drive the transformation towards becoming the business leader in your sector.

Step 8: Discover Best Practice Digitalized Business Models

Learn how successful global leaders in their sectors have transformed their brick-and-mortar business model into a digitalized business leader model successfully