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Scott Neil, Assistant Business Editor Future vision reports

James Wallace, co-founder of Exponential Ventures, who has called the Security Token Summit in Bermuda “a massive success”.

Jeff Pulver: pioneer of voice over internet protocol hosted the summit.

By having Jeff Pulver, one of the world’s distinguished internet entrepreneurs, host an event in Bermuda, the island has added to its standing as a leader in the field of blockchain and fintech regulation.

It is one of the reasons why James Wallace, a co-founder of venture fund Exponential Ventures, was in Bermuda this week for the Security Token Summit II.
He attended to support start-up TribeOS, which last month became the first company to launch a security token under Bermuda’s new digital-asset regulations.

The summit was held at the Hamilton Princess and Beach Club on Tuesday.
It was organized by Mister Pulver, chairman of the Blockchain Token Association. Mister Pulver was a pioneer of voice over internet protocol, which allowed voice communication and multimedia streaming over the internet. Read More

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