Becoming The B2B Digital Leader – How Digital Sales Channels Make You Succeed

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Information Age highlights why getting B2B eCommerce Infrastructure right makes your salesperson winning the deal rapidly.

The shift to digital business models, especially to eCommerce means that customers expect rapid turnaround on services:

  • Quoting
  • Delivering
  • Emergency Deliveries
  • The response of Service Personnel
  • Rapid Problem Solving
  • Application Advice

If your company cannot respond quickly in demonstrating how you create and deliver value, then studies show that buyers will go to ýour competitor.

This means that the digital selling channel must be able to scale to meet the demands of online buyers accurately and quickly.

Sales Technology Drives Getting the Deal

First, sales professionals must ask the right questions to get insight into the customer’s problem rapidly.

They need to offer preliminary solutions.

Next, they pull together the quote and the value price to win the deal without leaving money on the table.

Doing this quickly, she needs powerful sales technology.

Such technology must deliver guidance on three offerings

  1. What products and services to offer
  2. What products provide up-selling and cross-selling opportunities
  3. What is the optimum value price ( cost savings – list price)= net value offer

More and more this capability requires consultative selling skills and the power of artificial technology.

Educating the Sales Team

Companies need to equip their salespeople to push back a value quote rapidly and evaluate the real value to the buyer by providing a value offer within 1-3 hours or maximum one day.

Otherwise, your sales team will constantly lose margin, losing deals, and potentially losing high-value clients.

Best sales teams step in by creating value in advance.

The CONSULTATIVE B2B SALES REP understand the customer’s most urgent challenge and turn this insight into a tailored business offer that demonstrates clearly how she solves the problem rapidly and sustainably which results in measurable savings.

RapidKnowHow provides proven strategies, tools and coaching for Digital B2B Selling 

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