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Company Owners and Top Management Create Stakeholder Value by Thriving Sustainability 
Driven by Stakeholder Demand leading Companies and Institutions Thrive Sustainability as Strategic Transformation Initiative.
Company owners and top managements who want to become sustainability leaders, appoint Leaders Who Care to thrive the business transformation rapidly and sustainably.
Leaders Who Care  thrive the sustainability transformation process to create stakeholder value.
Successful Leaders Who Care need proven strategies and actions to succeed.

That’s why we provide this strategy framework and action guide to make Leaders Who Care succeed rapidly and sustainably.

Let’s get started to craft the sustainability strategy now!

The Leaders Who Care Thrive Sustainability

Humanity is at the crossroads.
Will we go the road where a tiny elite of superhumans will control the rest of us by the use of Artificial Intelligence or will we take over the steering wheel and start shaping our future. The power of how the future looks like lies in our hands.
That’s why we created these business cases to provide a practical tool for Leaders Who Care to operationalize sustainable development in the industry.

How to Operationalize Sustainable Development

In order to make the transformation towards sustainability happen, radical changes are necessary.
The CEO 1.0 leaves the business scene. The Leader Who Cares takes over the steering wheel to thrive sustainability and human wealth.
Our goal is to mobilize company owners to appoint Leaders Who Care to take over the sustainability leadership role rapidly. To Our Future!

How to Craft the Sustainability Business Strategy

The Sustainability Leadership Program helps Leaders Who Care to make the sustainability business case for operationalizing sustainable business development in the industry.

Designing the Sustainability Roadmap

First, we craft our sustainability business goal to outline the roadmap for our sustainability destination.
We define our strategic goal, the objective and the business cases for improving the triple bottom line.

The Strategic Goal is to create and sustain stakeholder value.

The Objective is to create practical business cases for improving the triple bottom line

The Business Cases to improve the triple bottom line rapidly

Turning the Roadmap into Business Cases

We’ll deliver seven business cases:

  1. Attracting Top Sustainability Leadership Talents

    Top people looking for a great company and a great job (McKinsey Survey).

    Best people respond to sustainability thriving companies, with an inspiring mission like. WE SAVE THE WORLD BY THRIVING STAKEHOLDER VALUE  and an exciting challenge.

  2. Retaining Top Sustainability Leadership Talents
    Top people want to lead the transformation process towards a sustainability corporation and society as a whole.
    That’s why leading companies establish leaders who care leadership roles to thrive the sustainability process successfully.
    They offer their leaders who care the lead roles for the Sustainability Leadership Program . They report to the sustainability champion from Top Management.
  3. Increase Employee Productivity
    The Sustainability Leader establishes the program team.
    The team crafts business cases for increasing employee productivity that demonstrating the impact on the triple bottom line.
  4. Reduce Operating Costs
    Another business case targets reducing operating costs that increase the Gross Margin
  5. Reduce Selling & Administration Costs
    Next, the team creates the case for optimizing Selling and Administration Costs to increase Gross Profitability
  6. Increase Revenue and Market Share
    Lastly, the team will craft a business case which delivers strategies for increasing the competitive position rapidly by increasing the Revenue and Market Share.
  7. Reduce Risk and Easier Financing
    The team provides a Sensitivity Analysis for the sustainability business case by doing uncertainty and risk analysis & evaluation. They highlight the impact on the business cases if some of the key assumptions change.
    The team provides an overview of the key factors which must be watched to deliver the result.

Turning the Strategy into Actions

Having established the business goal, we can now turn the goal into actions rapidly..
First, we recall our biggest sustainability challenge: climate change and creating permanent jobs.

It’s a matter of fact that we’ve to act now.

That’s why RapidKnowHow created the Sustainability Leadership Program that helps  Leaders Who Care to turn sustainability strategies into business cases and sustained cash-flow streams rapidly

The Leader Who Cares Thrives Sustainability Transformation

The greatest risk that the sustainability transformation fails is that wrong leaders drive the transformation process.
Wrong leaders drive short-term shareholder value while sustainability aims at creating stakeholder value.

That’s why we provide a comparison between the two leadership profiles.

The CEO 1.0 Drives Profit Over People

CEO 1.0 drives profit maximization to deliver shareholder value. His goal is to make the business efficient by establishing business systems that drive efficiency and cost optimization.

The CEO 1.0 drives shareholder value by using Artificial Intelligence to increase business efficiency

The Leader Who Cares Thrives People Over Profit

Leader Who Cares thrives people development to create sustainable stakeholder value. Her goal is to make people the leaders of the sustainability process.

The Leader Who Cares thrives stakeholder value by leading sustainability program teams .

As stated, successful company owners appoint a managing director who is strongly committed to thriving stakeholder value by leading the sustainability transformation.
That’s why RapidKnowHow recommends that Leaders Who Care to lead the sustainability transformation process.


In this post, you’ve learned the reasons why company owners and top management teams who want to thrive sustainability successfully, appoint Leaders Who Care to thrive sustainability transformation.

We outlined sustainability strategies that will make your Leaders Who Care and her team succeed rapidly and sustainably.

Next, we identify, validate and choose quick wins rapidly.