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The Global Business Development Leader – 6 Steps to Make Business with People You Like

Hello and welcome!
So today I want to talk to you about selling your global business development expertise as an entrepreneur.

Why is because it’s such a liberating ability to have this opportunity to create, deliver and capture value from your specialist skills as an independent entrepreneur.

How Can You Do it?

Well, I’m going to give you my proven step-by-step process for how to make business with people you like right now.

Let’s Get Started

Want to sell your global business development know-how as an entrepreneur?
Your goal is to sell your know-how to companies and decision-makers you know and like.

That’s why we developed this strategy workshop to help you achieve your goal.

Here’s our business model to achieve our goal step-by-step.

First, we’ll outline our mission, then we design our business model, finally, we’ll establish our business contacts with our preferred business partners.

1. Define Mission Statement

First, we’ll target our niche. Say we were business development executives. Our focus industry is the manufacturing industry. What business development executives do all day? They build, turn around and grow manufacturing businesses.

Here is the mission statement for a global business development executive:

Through my business development skills in starting, building and growing manufacturing businesses in CEE and Middle East, I provide my proven global business development blueprint for restructuring, expanding and growing manufacturing businesses in CEE and the Middle East.

2. Design Business Model

Next, we’ll design our business model. Our mission statement guides our current business model.

We’ll be able to outline:

Who We Are – A Business Development Expert for the Manufacturing Industry in CEE and Middle East
How We Help – Building, Expanding and Growing Manufacturing Businesses in CEE and Middle East.
Who We Help – Company Owners from the Manufacturing Industry

First, we’ll create our business model. We use the canvas and create our business offering:

Our proven business process helps company owners from the manufacturing industry to build, expand and grow their manufacturing businesses in CEE and Middle East.

3. Create a Business Model

Now it’s time to create our ONE-PAGE BUSINESS MODEL:

Here’s our proposal:

Discover the nine steps to create, deliver and capture value as global business development expert.

1. We define the customer segment – Company Owners of the Manufacturing Industry
2. We describe our business offer – Build and Grow Manufacturing Businesses in CEE and the Middle East
3. How We communicate – We preferably use Personal Contact and LinkedIn
4.Our Business Relationships – We offer Interim Management Assignments
5. Our Revenue Income – We earn Interim Management Fees
6.Our Proven Business Model – We apply our proven business process: The Global Business Development Blueprint
7. Key Activities – Interim Management to Manage a Specific Business Development Goal
8. Our Key Partners in Business are Specialized Head Hunters
9. Our Out of Pocket Costs – We’ll spend Marketing Costs for Client Acquisitions.

4. Choose Target Persons

Next, we’ll choose our target persons.
Either we’ll contact decision-makers directly, or via a head-hunter specializing in the placement of Business Development Experts for the Manufacturing Industry in CEE and the Middle East.
We’ll choose 10 companies and target persons we know and like.

5. Contact Target Persons

We contact our target persons and propose to have a STRATEGY SESSION which is a free initial consultation where we do something useful for our potential client:
For example, help them clarify their business goal, outline their business development options and give him an action plan to get started rapidly.
Or work on a specific problem they have right now.

6. Strategy Session

We’ll prepare for the session by getting our speaking partner answer some questions or complete a short application form which gives us an initial view on their most challenging issues right now.

If we can’t help then we don’t want to waste their and our time setting up a session.

Get Started

So today, we’ve learned how to sell your global business development know-how as an entrepreneur.

We’ve learned how to use our six-step process to turn your mission into your business model and the best way to make business with people you know and like.

Now it’s your turn! I Wish You All Success!