Becoming The Digital Service Leader – Top 6 Business Models For Digital Service Leaders

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The Top 6 Digital Business Models for Leaders

Companies who want to become digital leaders in their sectors need a business model to achieve their goal rapidly.
That’s why we created this post to help you succeed.

First, you’ll design a strategy map that highlights:

  • The Digital Business Strategy
  • The Digital Business Focus Areas
  • The Digital Business Offers
  • The primary Monetization Areas

How to Turn Your Digital Business Model into Multiple Cash-Flow Streams Rapidly and Sustainably

Now we’ll discuss how to turn your digital business model into multiple cash flow streams by :

  • Defining Digital Business Strategies
  • Determining Digital Business Focus Areas
  • Highlighting the Digital Business Offers
  • Outlining the Primary Monetization Areas

Business Model One: Content and Media

Content and Media includes portals, directories, video sites, review sites, blogs forums, and galleries.

These are sites with ample evergreen content allow you to repurpose that content in different formats such as books, mobile apps, and digital magazines.

Create networks from sites in similar verticals and cut costs through centralized services such as in-house content creation.

Primary monetization areas are contextual monetization, affiliates, display advertising

Examples of Content and Media Sites

  • Celebrity Entertainment News Websites
  • Reference Sites
  • Online Publications
  • Authority Niche Blog (Health & Wellness)
  • Digital Fitness Magazine

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Business Model Two: Digital Learning

Digital Learning sits include recurring revenue, training sites, subscription communities, and digital learning.

You’ll focus on building customer lifetime value rather than net profit. Sites with history and above average retention rate will always outperform those that have made high short term profits but can’t repeat that success without sizable marketing spends.

Create evergreen content such as training and explainer videos,  in traditional sectors, that do not require frequent additions and updates.

Primary monetization areas are member subscriptions, digital product sales

Examples of Digital Learning Sites

  • Forex Trading Education
  • Strategy Education for Leaders
  • Sports Betting Membership Site
  • Niche Real Estate Business
  • Organic Subscription Products for Moms

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Business Model Three: SaaS and Software Products

SaaS and Software Products include Web Apps, Downloadable Software Products, Gaming Servers, VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and Data Services.

Create high-value software solutions such as strategy dashboards, in evergreen or growing niches.

Primary monetization areas are recurring fees, one-time purchases

Examples of SaaS and Software Product Sites

  • Storage & Cloud Content Management
  • Traffic Software for Internet Marketers and Small Businesses
  • SaaS Photography Business
  • Web Lead Conversion Optimization SaaS

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Business Model Four: Marketplaces

Marketplaces include classifieds, job sites, real estate listing services, payment processors, auction sites. expert platforms

Create marketplaces aiming at long-term and sustainable subscribers.

Primary monetization areas are transaction fees, subscriptions, and digital products

Examples of Marketplaces Sites

  • Unbundling Business Models dealing with Infrastructure Management, Product Innovation, Customer Relationships
  • Targeting historically less profitable, Niche Customer Segments – which in aggregate are Profitable.
  • Intermediary Operating Platform Connects Seekers and Providers Globally.
  • Non-Paying Customer Segments are Subsidized by Paying Customers in Order to Attract the Maximum Number of Users
  • Internal R&D Resources are Leveraged by Utilizing Outside Partners Who Need Access to Expert Advise Rapidly

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Business Model Five: E-commerce

E-commerce sites include booksellers, product sellers, know-how sellers

Sell your know-how via your own digital shop on your self-hosted website and/or via marketplaces like Amazon, Udemy, Alibaba, eBay

Primary monetization areas are product sales, usage fee

Examples of E-Commerce Sites

Business Model Six: Services

Services sites include sites that generate revenue primarily from offering a service, facility or bespoke product customized for each client’s order.

Service businesses aiming at brick and mortar companies with a large customer base and an opportunity to develop SaaS-based self-service platforms for clients that require strategies and tools to turn their goals into solutions rapidly.

Primary monetization areas are subscriptions and sale of add on services such as online coaching and consulting.

Examples of Services

  • Online Reputation Management Company
  • Web Design and Software Hosting Reseller
  • RapidKnowHow.Com

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